Todd Terje Edit Collection

Terje Olsen aka Todd Terje, is a Norwegian DJ, songwriter, record producer and underwear salesman. This blog is so old it can remember the days when he was just some guy who put out a ton of unofficial disco edits and had a myspace full of pics that were of this standard (how times change).

Around six-seven years ago another blog did a fairly decent job of collecting all his edits and I just pretty much re-posted that. That blog no longer exists and I couldn’t find the post in question to restore to the archive (still working away at this fwiw). Here is that post again, with a bit more organisation to it.

Please note the majority of these are knocking on a bit, in some cases, they are over a decade old. The audio-quality of some of them is pretty poor, it’s not entirely a case of the vinyl rips being ‘bad’ either, a couple of these edits had some shockingly poor vinyl releases (own a couple… and they just aren’t up to snuff imo). If you grabbed it the first time round, you really aren’t going to find anything new here (perhaps less, I’ve cut anything available digitally).

Download links go to a folder where you can pick and choose or download everything in the folder as a zip.

Todd Terje Edit Collection A-C [Download]

Todd Terje Edit Collection D-K [Download]

Todd Terje Edit Collection L-Z [Download]

And… rather obviously, don’t forget that Todd Terje has an album called “It’s Album Time” on iTunes.

He also did an album of covers with his band, The Olsens. That came out this year too.


    • Collections? Yeah, perhaps.

      Todd Terje Edits? This will probably be it… was actually a days work re-organising, re-ripping (a few better quality versions here if you have bat-hearing) and I’d rather not complicate matters for myself. 😉

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