Tiger & Woods – On The Green Again

Writing an introduction to anything I post about Tiger & Woods is a bit tricky, they are one of the “mysterious duos” of Dance Music. You can pick-up little pieces of information about them, such as them essentially forming whilst at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2008…. however, they’ve always preferred to let the music do the talking for them (cliche alert). The music part is easier to write about, it’s sample-heavy with healthy doses of synth-funk and touches of the whole filter-house thing.

On The Green Again” is the second album from duo and even though I’ve not listened to many albums this year, it’s quite easily my favourite. It’s pretty much a spiritual successor to Crydamoure’s Waves II with a bit of an Eighties/Nu-Disco twist.

(How utterly fantastic is this?)

The comparison to Waves isn’t just because the track above, “Balloon” could be right from either compilation. It’s more down to Tiger & Woods having a knack of “getting it”, and what I mean by that is that sample-based disco/house music can be a ton of fun without being completely up it’s own backside like some other genres of dance music. The emphasis on, “hey, we’ve made a bunch of tracks that will actually get people dancing and not chin-stroking“, some people fall into the latter these days, it’s actually refreshing to hear an album like this again. It just wants you to have a dance to it.

And that is pretty much all I have to say on the album, not really a review, I guess….

I would just encourage people to go out (or visit iTunes) and buy it. It’s the type of an album you’ll be glad to own now and in the future (you in 10 years from now will be impressed at how good your taste in music was. you in the future unfortunately likes Coldplay and will need a kick up the arse)

Vinyl @ Juno.

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