Premiere: Final DJs Feat. Keenhouse – Rainy Days

Dreamwave/Synthwave/Retrowave…. what does it all mean? To be honest, I’m probably not the best person to ask. I’ve always considered the best of what the genres offer to be Synth-Driven Electro-Pop that gives a knowing wink to the 80s and the worst of it to be cringe inducing self-indulgence. Music tagged as this has been on the receiving end of a fair bit of a renaissance of late though, creeping into popular movies (Every Nicolas Winding Refn movie made in the last six years), television shows (Stranger Things) and video-games (Hotline Miami I/II). Which makes it all the more weird that blogs and dance music websites are sort of giving people who make it the cold shoulder. Even weirder when you also consider how much the early days of dance music blogs heavily relied on the generosity of some of these producers.

Anyway. Their loss/My gain. It’d be foolish to not pay attention to when people as talented as Final DJs (German-based producer Sebastian Stuetz) and Keenhouse (Los Angeles based Electronic Muscian Ken Rangkuty) combine forces to give us music as good as “Rainy Days” a track that is well crafted Synth-Driven pop with more than enough dance-floor sensibilities to keep you on your feet till the early hours of the morning. The way this one slowly builds is a real delight and not to be missed.

It’s a free download, no excuses.

This is part of the “Rainy Days” EP  that features 3 different remixes and will be released in the near-future.

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  1. Keenhouse’s songs were so good back in the days. I’m glad he’s still around, especially with great producers like FnalDJs. I just think he doesn’t need vocoder, his voice on Ari-es was so fine.

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