Monday Memberberries #7 – Allen Walker

Out of all the producers I’ve posted over the years, it’s perhaps Egyptian producer Allen Walker that I tend to be closely associated with the most. This is for a mixture of reasons, Allen tends to credit me for things which I probably don’t deserve credit for and the time I decided to call his music ‘Batman-House’ due to his elusive and quite secretive nature (He can disappear from the internet for long periods of time. Shit… that sounds kind of familiar).

Anybody who is familiar with his work over the years will know the whole ‘Batman-House’ thing is part of his charm. He’ll vanish for months and then suddenly reappear with something incredible (sometimes, annoyingly short, it must be said). His last original track came around a year or so ago, “The Good Lie” was released as part of a free compilation courtesy of ‘party collective’, French Toast. It’s French-Touch re-imagined through the eyes of somebody who just can’t enough of Shinichi Osawa-esque guitars.

He does have more originals than I think people realise, over four years ago he actually managed to knock-out two EPs, “I Am Allen Walker” & “Solanin“, which is kind of remarkable as I don’t think he’s done a proper one since then.

Not to mention a small single-type of release,”Muiz St.” (pretty sure he never told me/anybody about this, so batman-house of him).

No post on Allen Walker would be complete without posting one of his remixes/re-writes, ages ago I collected a bunch (which includes a couple of alternate takes of his re-writes) and compiled them into neat compilation type of thing… you can download that below.

Download link goes to a folder where you can pick and choose or download everything in the folder as a zip.

Allen Walker Re-Writes Vol.1 (2009-2012) [Download]

Be sure to give Allen Walker a kick up the arse on facebook and tell him to make more tracks.

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