Monday Memberberries #6 – Yeah!/Dish Records

Yeah!/Dish Records were a Parisian label/collective that were mainly active between 2012-2014 (It was originally formed in 2009. Thanks Moustache Machine!)  It’s founders probably wouldn’t remember me all that fondly, I occasionally poked fun at how they released music… which was initially through the file sharing service mediafire…

The type of joke I’d do at them on twitter in 2012. I’m such a meanie etc.

Eventually, they started to host the material on their own official website (now dead) and managed to put out some real quality ‘Nu Disco/French-touch’ tracks from the likes of Bazz, Moustache MachineMitch Murder (the former two were probably the most prolific artists on the label) and people such as Le Crayon, Kreap and Kido Yoji also contributed remixes to them.

They were quite popular with numerous blogs because everything they released was totally free, this wasn’t without it’s downsides though. A few of their releases were incorrectly targeted by the type of people who ‘protect copyright’ on the internet, it’s really bizarre when I think about it.

Piecing together their releases and tracking down links that aren’t dead is really tricky and that’s kind of a shame. I sort of hit brick-walls with some of these (full list on their soundcloud), you might have more success than me though. Anyway, here are some highlights from some of their releases.

Taken from – YDR004: Luminaire – No use EP

[Mirror Download]

Taken from – YDR006: Bazz – Topaz EP

[Mirror Download]

[Mirror Download]

Taken from – YDR008: Moustache Machine – Fosbury EP (Full EP on Bandcamp)

[Mirror Download]

[Mirror Download]

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