Monday Memberberries #5

The ‘French Touch’ movement has inspired a whole ton of people to get into bedroom music producing. Perhaps due to the perceived simplicity of making music in the genre, it may not be the hardest thing to find a sample and add some effects, loop the heck out of it… but, actually making it good and something people want to dance to is kind of tricky.

Chameo – Wow
Comment – 
Producer from Denmark, if memory serves be correctly he tried to make a tune for every genre going. “Wow” is ‘French Touch’ with a little bit of Fantastic Plastic Machine style production thrown into the mix. All his social networks appear to be dead now.

Allen Walker – Hurt
Comment – Allen Walker is one of the biggest enigmas in dance music, the Egyptian producer will do nothing for an age and then re-appear with a string of amazing productions. “Hurt” is perhaps one of his earliest works and suffered a little from people claiming it was an unreleased cut from Daft Punk’s “Homework”. Still one of my favourites though (think he actually kind of hates it now).

Mix Chopin – Bliss
Comment – Mix Chopin‘s “Bliss” is pretty much instantly likeable, it gets straight to the point after all of three seconds. “Do you like bass? Do you like French Touch?” if these are things that appeal to you, be prepared to start moving your feet.

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  1. Allen Walker is love <3 and I'm living through your recommendations. Every single sound is the sound of the inside of my 80s-forged 15-year-old music heart.

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