Monday Memberberries #4

This week I’ve delved into some of the earliest posts on Too Many Sebastians, the heady days of the Electro-House scene in 2008/2009 and, in this instance, a snapshot of what some of Japan’s dance music producers were adding to the melting pot.

80Kidz – Miss Mars
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November April 15th, 2009
Comment – Japanese Electro-House Trio Duo 80Kidz were heavily hyped by this blog back in the day. “Miss Mars” is taken from their debut album, “This Is My Shit” (this was a ropey album title, even back in 2009) and in my opinion, this is still one of their best tracks. This track would also go on to appear in the seventh instalment of Kitsuné’s Maison Compilation series. This isn’t such an interesting fact until you delve a little further into 80Kidz’s back-catalogue, their debut EP, “Life Begins At Eighty” has a track called “F*ck fox” on it. Kitsuné is the Japanese word for fox…. D;

Shinichi Osawa ‎– Main Street Electrical Parade
Originally posted – December 20th, 2008
Comment – There have been a million covers of Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley’s “Baroque Hoedown” (Main Street Electrical Parade is essentially a re-arrangement of it) and most of the dance remixes, which are usually commissioned by Disney themselves suffer from artists trying to force their own identity upon it and thus, destroying the melody in the process. Shinichi Osawa‘s take on the track is pretty much a straight-up cover and his own production signatures are used sparingly, keeping the magic of the original, a splendid update. The following fact isn’t as ‘hype’ as it used to be… when this was first posted it got to Hype Machine No.1 making Shinichi the first Japanese artist to accomplish this feat.

The Lowbrows – Dream In The Desert
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December 2nd, 2008
Comment – Japanese Electro duo The Lowbrows weren’t typical of what you could expect from an Electro act back in 2008, they came from a background that was more based in Classical music and that made for a very interesting debut album, “For Whom The Bell Tolls“. “Dream In The Desert” is probably the highlight of that album and was picked up for release outside of Japan by Bang Gang 12inches, this in turn would introduce the world to Flight Facilities who produced one heck of a remix for the track.

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    • Chaki is now producing Hip Hop. He also does things in the fashion industry. I’m not sure what Emi is doing these days.

      The Lowbrows actually released a second album on Universal, it suffered a little from the usual ‘major label meddling’ (i.e- people trying to make them ‘commercial’ and not understanding their appeal). It’s worth tracking down as it has it’s moments.

      • Thanks for the tips. Yeah, EMOTION was different yet enjoyable. I especially like A knight 2 remember. This album features 2 girls who I thought were gonna be BIG, immi and MAA. Instead they kinda disappeared shortly after….

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