Monday Memberberries #3 ft. Some Words About “Blog-Haus”

Only a couple of tracks to post from the archive this week, as you will see, a decent amount of 2010 has been restored to the blog.  After these tracks there will be a reasonably long attempt to explain the whole “Blog-Haus” thing, it seems everybody who has written about it this year thought it was all stuff like “MGMT – Kids (Soulwax Remix)” and I kind of disagree….

Originally posted – December 15th, 2010 (Oliver – All Night)

(Soundcloud download is broken. Download here)

Originally posted – April 11th, 2010 (Worship)

“Blog-Haus” is a ridiculous name for a genre of music. Although, in the world of Dance & Electronic Music, ridiculous genre names are sort of par for the course. It is no more ridiculous than “IDM”, “Intellegent Dance Music” for example.

“Blog-Haus” was coined originally as a fairly derogatory term for music that kids on the internet described as “Bang0rs”, it then became a back-handed compliment of sorts and now we are in the age of being nostalgic about it. Perhaps in an ironic way, who honestly knows these days?

The artists typically associated with the genre were; Justice, Chromeo, Boys Noize and Digitalism. The actual sound was more electro/house and indie/pop. However, there was more to this era in music than people do give it credit for. This was the era of the internet being used to discover new and exciting things in music. You were able to communicate and share your tastes in music all around the world. It’s sort of taken for granted now… but, if I wanted to hear new electronic music from other countries back in the early-mid 2000s, I’d have to brave some of Radio 1’s specialist shows or record the graveyard slot on MTV2.

All hail Beaufort (who also made some nice tunes) and his video for Bag Raiders’ Fun Punch

It was also the era of music blogs helping people to discover some of the hidden gems of the internet. Mainly through scouring myspace pages and producer forums. The influence of some these blogs is also, easily forgotten. People talk about how amazing the soundtrack to the movie “Drive” is, if you read the blog Discodust, you’d already know half of the artists on it (4 years or so before everybody else clocked them). The success stories were very much real and un-manufactured. For instance, a kid posting their music on a forum could then have it picked up by blog, leading to perhaps radio play and some DJ Work. That was some seriously exciting stuff. Sure, some of the music has dated and the production was pretty nasty… some of the venues they’d play at were death-traps… but, I’d rather have that than the hyper-polished and slickly managed artists we currently have with “EDM“. Nobody was commenting about the quality of the lead snare or planning networking meet-ups on youtube videos like we have now. People were more interested in experiencing/discovering something new (no plethora of social networks to piss around on) and having a good time. The focus was on the artist being great and not yourself being great for liking the artist…. D;

Here is an Electro-Banger Mix from A-Trak (bro never misses a trick). #NOSTALGIA #MONEYMAKIN

If there is any Nostalgia, lets be honest, the Electro-House era (2007-2010-ish) hasn’t dated all that great, some “MASSIVE 320 BANG0RS” kinda sound like crap on proper sound-systems etc. That nostalgia is probably for how exciting and unorganised it was during this time, it was a far cry from the slickness we have with dance music now. Nobody discovers things anymore because kids go into making dance music with ‘business plans’, hiring PR teams and the knowledge that if they are at a certain skill level, they stand as good of a chance as the rest. This current system, where you have to be quite aggressive and conform to a certain sound is probably robbing us of talented people who aren’t so confident to do that yet or are talented, but are a couple years off from filling their potential. Music blogs have morphed into the magazines we didn’t like as Teenagers, the reason we all went off to the internet in the first place. Things have gotten stale and at some point, the bubble is going to burst.

And on that cheerful note….

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