Monday Memberberries #2 feat. Too Much Discodust Mix

This week covers late 2009-era of posts, when lots of producers who made electro started to become a bit disco… would eventually evolve into the whole “Nu-Disco” thing. All of these tracks come from Australians. It’s real weird how when people talk about how dance music changed over the years, that country never gets much of the mention it deserves. It has given us a ton of really good dance music for the best part of a decade now…

Originally posted – November 30th, 2009 (Headman – Dirt EP)
Comment – Shazam was the original, “Woah this kid is so young and so good at dance music omg hype“. Giving us remixes of Empire Of The Sun, Miami Horror and Calvin Harris. Not to mention originals like Pool Party, which every blog on the planet posted back in the day. His soundcloud is now gone and well, searching for him just leads to some random German guy. You can (sort of) keep track of what he does these days through the power of discogs.

Originally posted – November 23rd, 2009 (Harris Robotis – Up All Night (Knightlife Remix))
Comment – What Knightlife produces now is substantially different from what he used to make, don’t get me wrong, later material is just as awesome. However, some of his older work and remixes still hold up really well. Kinda dumb but ridiculous amounts of fun, the way he used to transform entire songs and make them his own.

He also gave us the best press photo the world will ever get from a dance music producer.
Thank you Knightlife!


Originally posted – November 24th, 2009 (Golden Bug – Assassin EP)
Comment – Nobody quite did releases like Bang Gang 12″ did…. what a label they were. Obviously Golden Bug and Gloves are still going, well Gloves hasn’t been active for a year or so… D:

A chap by the name of Dusty Hayes did a blog-house mix to celebrate our return and also remember fellow enemy/friend/mentor (I’m honestly not sure, come back Aleks!) Discodust. It features the likes of Shazam, Russ Chimes, Justin Faust, Alex Metric, Broke One, Moullinex. Grum, & Xinobi. Basically, all the guys who we were ACTUALLY listening to back then (and not some of the stuff which has gone in the “big name” blog-house mixes I’ve seen floating around).

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