Monday Memberberries #1

The following could easily be considered as being lazy recycling of old posts. It’s actually just a little something to keep me motivated in replacing the archives and picking out stuff that I feel still holds up. I will be trying to make this a weekly thing.

Originally posted – March 16th 2010 (Flight Facilities – Interview)
Weird fact: For a considerable amount of time Flight Facilities wanted their identities kept secret. We wrote that M.Bison was a member (with permission, I might add) and people honestly believed it without checking who M.Bison is. Some artists linked the phoney bio that was written to the initial success of Flight Facilities (mystery only creates further hype etc), which is bullshit, they had a good song and a sense of humour. That goes a long way.

Originally posted – February 2nd 2010 (Stay Ali)
Comment – The Swedish electronic trio were obscenely young when they made this (18/19?) and at the same time, musically, very mature. This might not be for everyone, but, I still really rate this, it has a hypnotic quality about it. Boerd of Stay Ali has recently released an album.

Originally posted – January 12th 2010 (Bent – Swollen [MiGHty mOUse Instrumental Mix])
Comment – Mighty Mouse is responsible for some of the best Nu-Disco remixes ever, this is one of those.  Be sure to check the vocal version of this too.

Originally posted – December 31st 2009 (Estate – In The Red)
Nerdy fact: Is co-produced and mixed by Gigamesh.

Originally posted – December 21st 2009 (Aeroplane Chart Mix December 2009)
Comment – Taken from a Aeroplane mixtape so old that it is from the era of when Aeroplane were still duo. I really enjoyed how they sneaked in some pretty interesting tracks like this cover of The Rolling Stones “Under My Thumb”, those mixtapes had a real nice balance of a new and old going on.


  1. Very interesting post, I have missed many of good stuff !
    So many posts these days, don’t start too strong I’m afraid you can’t keep up !

    • I’m averaging a post a day, sometimes two… today is Friday and everybody is all sad (twitter/facebook full of death and fear etc) so it’s probably going to be three whole posts. Rest assured… it’ll be the same as always basically a post or so a day.
      It averages out at the end of the month.

      Todays final post is sweet though.

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