Too Many Sebastians 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hello! It’s been two years since I’ve last posted and well, if you can remember that far back, I’d been a bit unwell. Fear not, no almost cringe post to do with that this time round. However, if you are genuinely interested, feel free to ask some questions on the facebook page.

Obviously, the blog has had an url change and I’m currently working away at replacing the archives. This will take some time (it’s around eight years of posts at 30 posts a month, it’s a crazy thing to attempt). However, you can view some of that right now, the music content has all been replaced and updated. Even doing 4 months from 2010 took a fair bit of time, I do think it’s worth doing though, it’s not all going to be great music…. however, it seems a shame that an entire era of music is in danger of being permanently lost. It also provides an insight into the development of artists than have gone on to great things.

I’ve spent the last month or so catching up with music and the way music blogs currently function. I’m told that “music blogging is dead” or, the conventional way, posting about a song you like and being enthusiastic about it, isn’t going to cut it anymore. I’ve also seen artists that themselves were actually originally music blogs, mocking elements of it, such as “blog rolls”, because heaven forbid, people with similar interests are nice to others who share those interests.

We are in an era of “twitter beefs” being site content and not d-grade facebook posts like they deserve to be and where artists themselves have a focus on social networks which borders on actual insanity. It’s so weird to see some of the throwaway memes I made 4 years ago being used as an incentive by people who make great music to get people to “follow” them. I won’t rant about that too much, expect some painfully boring “opinion” posts instead. But, I do think this is really concerning in regards to how much an artist spends time getting better at making music. When the archive is finished, you’ll hopefully see how some people I posted started off…. “ok” and went on to be fantastic. I think it’d be hard for those same artists to achieve that it the current climate.

As always, feel free to send me music. I still think the old system of making a track and sending it to me (and other music blogs) to write some words about it works.

Also, thank you for the messages/emails/tweets whilst I was away. I tried to get back to everybody but, it was nothing personal if I didn’t and I’m aware that the blog isn’t in the greatest shape right now. Give me a couple of weeks and it’ll start regaining some of it’s former powers.


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