Jean-Jacques Perrey

When somebody I like in music passes away, I always find it difficult to write about them. I view it all with a overly-cynical eye. Too often I’ve seen people who have contributed amazing pieces of art in the world being given “twitter funerals” and “blog obituaries”. It’s probably down to area of internet I write in and that isn’t meant to be as offensive as it’s sounds. It’s just quite hard to get behind things when you witness tweets, “they were a pioneer, check my edit #rip”. At the very least, I do hope the following comes across as being sincere….

Jean-Jacques Perrey, a French electronic music producer has recently passed away and it’s the first time I’ve ever felt the need to explain how much this guy was utterly brilliant. The words genius and pioneer don’t really cut it and even I, as a fan, still have a huge amount of his music to listen to. He not only invented a genre of music I like, he influenced a ton of artists I like too. Chances are that you’ll be aware of his work, even if you aren’t aware of him. Using this very blog I can look back to the first time I became aware of his existence, it was when “Pete from Hey Champ” (who is now Moon Boots) told me that Siriusmo’s “High Together” was heavily based around Perrey and Kingsley’s (the first electronic music super collab?) “One Note Samba“.

It started an obsession, to immerse yourself in his music is a ridiculously crazy journey. It’s creative, fun and has a real sense of humour. You can’t help but wonder what it’d be like to just live inside his mind for a few moments. I also began to discover how much of his music I already knew and how he had influenced so much.

A post which were to just even list all the times he was sampled as himself solo or as Perrey & Kingsley would probably go on forever (and to do a proper post on his history would practically be a novel). I feel these two, Mr. Oizo and Siriusmo, highlight what an inspiration he clearly was to electronic music. It’s nice to think he lives on through their work and maybe if he hadn’t made these tracks, these artists wouldn’t be what they are today.

As mentioned, I’m definitely not an expert in everything he made and I still have much to listen to. I do hope if this post catches your attention, you go off and explore, have your own crazy adventure getting lost in his music. It really is one hell of a treat and one you won’t get to experience all that often.

Be sure to visit his website, it’s one of a kind also.

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