French House Mafia – Le Disco Chic

French House Mafia is the new project from French DJ and producer Laurent Ash aka Lifelike.

There was a real temptation to do what I did with the post of Alan Braxe’s remix of Blossoms and sort of sneak in another history lesson of sorts. I’ll do my best to avoid that… but, I can’t pass up the opportunity to mention the 9 minute masterpiece he did with Kris Menace over 10 years ago, it still bangs. And yeah, I’m aware of the re-release/update/2.0... D;

Damn straight!

Nor can I pass up the opportunity to mention “So Electric”, it is the definitive 80s styled disco-house track. Just try and listen to this once and never again, impossible. Incredibly addictive.

And that’s where my “Lifelike 4 N00bs” history bit ends, head to discogs if you want to explore the music of a person who has made a ton of awesome tracks/remixes. But, before that, you should really give “Le Disco Chic pts 1&2” a listen because they are 7 minute monsters which perfectly merge the worlds of French-House & Nu-Disco.

Out now on Beatport.

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