deadmau5 – Cat Thruster

I’ve actually posted Canadian Meme-Machine/Troll/#RenegadeOfTwitter producer deadmau5 before, it was about five years ago, he sometimes does a thing I like every now and then. I also occasionally watch his twitch streams because his studio is sort of incredible and, at times, the insight he gives into how he makes music, regardless of myself liking it, is actually pretty damn fascinating (warning, the twitch stream also can be him sometimes doing PewDiePie stuff).

‘Cat Thruster’ is a track taken from his new album, “W:/2016ALBUM/”. If you are the type of person who swerves his music based on things like; his fanbase, edm, something he said on twitter, him offending somebody you like one/two/three time(s)…. then give this a listen. It has more in common with artists such as Cassius and I:Cube than it does ‘the usual’, almost like there is a musician behind the mouse helmet?

Interestingly (or not), it’s pretty much a reprise of another track on the album, “2448”. It’s a track which was originally used as the theme tune for a hockey team (sorry, no idea).

On comparing the two. You can talk crap about how well produced something is all you want, fill up those youtube comments with snare chat. One of these tracks has attitude, a personality that showcases a nice melody and another is why people are talking about ‘VR Nightclubs’.

So future.

TL:DR? I like this track and used my free google play money to buy it.

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