Craig Paul Hardy & Theo Chinara – Make Ya Feel Good

Daft Punk unmasked

Another day, another track being incorrectly attributed to underground EDM duo Daft Punk. The track that is currently doing the rounds is “Daft Punk – Feel Good (ft. Lemar & Nile Rodgers)” and it’s supposedly an unreleased cut from “Random Access Memories”. It’s not and is actually “Make Ya Feel Good” by Craig Paul Hardy & Theo Chinara. 

The track in question HEAVILY borrows from Daft Punk’s own “Get Lucky” and is sort of ‘alright’ in a fairly disposable way.  Have a listen below…..

It’s really weird that somebody has gone to the effort of re-tagging this track and chosen “Lemar off Fame Academy” to be the collaboration artist on it. Some sort of viral attempt or shameless clickbaiting?

People are asking how I figured this out so quickly, which is kind of weird, it really wasn’t that much effort, honest! The track has already been featured in a couple television shows; Ballers and Roadies.

This clip is from Season 1, Episode 9 of Roadies (and is what me and a few others recognised it from).

There are a ton of websites out there devoted to listing music featured in television shows, especially ones that are music based like Roadies. A little google search for the music featured in this episode would have led you to a website such as this one and from there it’s really easy to work out.

A few people have also asked why the track is kind of tricky to find under it’s original name. This is only guess-work on my part…. but, the small information that is floating around on Craig Paul Hardy & Theo Chinara suggests they work in the field of creating music for television and films. Which might mean the track was specially created due to these shows not being able to get clearance for a track like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” (which is maybe why it rips it off so heavily?). Could be a case of somebody who works in music supervision and has access to the track being a little mischievous?


It’s not the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last. Tony Sherman‘s “Ellovee-ee” also suffered this fate and then was also ‘allegedly’ ripped off by Mark Ronson for his own track, “Uptown Funk“.

(Somebody could potentially do a really good edit of this… *hint* *hint*)

Kinda sucks to be Tony Sherman… D:


  1. I think the song actually does feature Lemar. If you Google ‘Lemar Craig Paul Hardy’ it shows that a man called Craig Hardy was credited on Lemar’s first album. I reckon Craig and Theo submitted the song in response to a music supervisor brief asking for tracks that sounded like Daft Punk, then posted the song pretending it was Daft Punk as a sneaky marketing tactic. Otherwise, how would somebody who happened upon the song under its real name have known the singer was Lemar? He isn’t credited as a featured artist. That’s my theory, anyway!

  2. The track is so good… But who is this Craig Paul Hardy anyway? The only Craig Hardy that I knew is a music producer from England, but he goes with a different alias.

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