Blossoms – Blown Rose (Alan Braxe Remix)

What can you possibly say about French electronic music artist Alan Braxe that hasn’t already been said? He’s not ‘just’ French House royalty he is pretty much all dance music in general royalty.

Bruh? Do you even dance music?  Pffft…. fine.

Alan Braxe first came to prominence in 1997 with his house track “Vertigo”, it was released by some guy called Thomas Bangalter and his label, Roulé. Lots of people prefer Bangalter’s smoothed out “Virgo Edit“, gotta say, even to to this day… I still prefer the chunkier n’ lengthier original. The track samples Maxine Singleton’s Funk-Disco classic “Don’t You Love It“.

The following year (I might be wrong. Discogs says this and “Vertigo” came out around the same time, I was also 12.. D:) he’d properly team-up with Bangalter and Benjamin Diamond to form Stardust. I guess you can describe them as being a French House super-group that only ever released one single, “Music Sounds Better With You”. The story behind it is rather well known. However, if you don’t know it….

The track was recorded in Paris at Daft House, where Bangalter (one half of the French group Daft Punk) is based. The song was conceived in Rex Club, Paris, where the trio were playing a live set. Bangalter and Braxe created the instrumental, which Diamond instinctively sang the title words over. The next day they laid down the track in the studio, adding the Chaka Khan sample.

I really wish people would stop trying to do remixes/re-imaginings of this now. The original does all that is needed to be done. Leave it alone. 😉

In the year 2000 he launched his own label, Vulture and teamed up with bass emperor Fred Falke to give the world the pretty damn legendary “Intro”. If there ever was a track that can pretty much fit into any set and guarantee success it’s probably this… (also dude, knows how to do a ‘first’ well. First track release, first collab and the first release on his label? I mean, fuck…. way to set the bar impossibly high for everybody else).

“Intro” makes spectacular use of a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment from American 80’s popsters The Jets and the extended mix of their track “Crush On You”. If you are wondering why I’m highlighting the samples in these tracks it’s because French House music gets painted with a little of an unfair brush and certain people occasionally allude to it being a piece of piss to make . Yes, samples are used…. but, they still need to be in masterful hands and y’know, don’t discount all the additional production some of these guys add.

Been waiting for an excuse to post this tbh. Bad-ass music.

Oh yeah…. I kinda went off track, huh? It’s somewhere near the bottom…… sorry about that. ╰(✿˙ᗜ˙)੭━☆゚.*・。゚

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke would pretty much feed a good percentage of French House fans in the early to mid 2000’s. There was a real quality control to it, when you consider how much #content is made these days the amount of originals that Vulture would release is a surprisingly small one. “Palladium/Penthouse Serenade”, “Rubicon” &” Defender/Bliss” etc have such an air of class about them. It’s incredible how well they still hold up.

(The song being sampled is St.Regis – Rhythm Man and it’s dorky as heck)

I can’t find the exact tweet but when UK producer Starsmith did some work with Braxe, he mentioned hearing some of the things from the ‘Braxe Vault’ that were made during this period, never made the cut and were awesome. I have no reason to disbelieve that… just pray that vault is unleashed one day or somebody steals it for me? Be a pal. 🙂

Remix work the pair produced was more common, but, only by a little bit (both Braxe & Falke still did remixes independently of each other during their collaboration years btw). Picking a favourite remix is kind of too difficult so, I just picked one out from random.

Fred Falke wasn’t the only person who Alan Braxe has collaborated with though. There are the likes of Kris Menace with “Lumberjack” and a project he did with Romuald (who was last heard performing vocals on the latest Justice album) called The Paradise and like Stardust, they only did one track together, “In Love With You”. It’s a track that embodies the ‘romance’ side of French House in a really pure, heart on sleeve kinda way.

This track actually got a pretty fantastic cover from Loframes not so long ago and.. I’m not sure what this is, but, I kinda like it?

Romuald and Alan Braxe re-united around three years ago (Romuald is part of The Spimes, which is him and Madji’k) for the “Moments In Time” EP, “One More Chance” was sort of the lead track from that release.


This literally has 0 to do with Alan Braxe or The Spimes. But, the EP this was on was released by a car or something weird. Admittedly for free… but, if you are to visit the website to grab the EP, which also features some premium quality remixes from DJ Falcon, Memory Tapes, Gigamesh (this one is perhaps one of my all time fave remixes from him) & Lifelike…

Yeah… awesome! The spirit of a car (wtf?) lives on. What about my dank 2013 ep download mate?

You won’t be able to download this from them now, the car spirits have carried the download away and failed to renew their soundcloud account. Bit too chicken to host it on this server. However, if you miss the days of living on the edge and precariously downloading from unofficial sources. It’s up on my google drive account.

[Mirror Download]

OK. Just realised I’ve spent the last half hour responding to a meme…..*

Note to self: Fight memes with memes. If Guardians Of The Galaxy “”Who?” meme appears again… fight back with Samuel L Jackson  “Oh No You Didnt” meme.

Still, that Alan Braxe though… he has quite the impressive C.V on him, right? I didn’t even really get to cover the last ten years all that well, the tasty remixes and how his label evolved even further, releasing music as varied as Pacific! and Fenech-Soler.


How the post would have originally been is as follows…..

When Alan Braxe is on form, his music is an irresistible treat for the ears and boy, is he on form right now. After giving Gigamesh a touch of his magic he now turns his Midas touch to UK Band Blossoms and their track “Blown Rose“. It is arguably better than the one he did of Gigamesh (it’s a trickier song to remix too). It’s a little melancholic yet, it still manages to retain it’s dance-floor sensibilities. The instrumental version is especially lovely. ’tis the season…

Purchase the remix of Blossoms here.
Some of the tracks featured in this post are on iTunes.

You really should get a copy of “Alan Braxe & Friends – The Uppercuts”
(heck, even Pitchfork nearly gave it a 9)

Bonus –
An Allen Walker Re-Write of “Horizon” that I found on my HD when doing this post.
Grab it while you can.

[Mirror Download]

*Lies. Post took way longer.


    • It’s properly weird he’s underrated. Knocks out massive tracks, remixes etc and people forget him, maybe he should tweet memes? D:

      I forgot about Link’n’Rings…’d be interesting to hear an instrumental version of it because people sorta hated his other hip-hop-ish thing (some track with Fallon?) and when that got re-released as ‘Addicted’… it was suddenly the most future thing ever.

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