Bazz – Son Of A Gun / Pudding EPs

A considerable amount of material from Japanese Disco/House producer Bazz is available for free, his latest two EP’s, “Son Of A Gun” & “Pudding” are no exception and released free of charge by Maltine Records.

If something is free, there usually must be a catch, right? If something attracts the type of people who are enthusiastic about Japanese culture, it must be some awful weeb shit? Actually, to be fair, if there was any criticism of Bazz’s material, it’s that he probably embraces that side of his ‘appeal’ a little too much at times.

However, before I dig myself a grave…. and offend the artist I’m trying to champion. What I’m trying to get across is that’s if the language/free thing is an issue for you, you’ll end up missing out. The lead track on the Pudding EP which features Wata Megumi on vocal duties is delightfully cute disco-pop that should bring a smile to you face, unless you are a miserable bastard.

I’ll concede that the electro-house noodlings of his Son Of A Gun EP won’t be to everybody’s tastes though 😉

Pudding EP download here.
Son Of A Gun EP download here.


    • Pretty sure I haven’t gotten anything wrong here….

      He released two EPs together one is called
      the other is called “Son Of A Gun”.

      Cheers. 😉

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